General information on Dionysos project

Developing Identity ON Yield, SOil and Site


DIONYSOSPriority axisSustainability-Climate adaptabilityInvestment priorities6cCall2nd Call for proposals under priority axes 2 & 4Lead BeneficiaryAgricultural University of Athens, Department of Food Science & Human NutritionPartnersAgency for Transnational Training and Development Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haskovo Federation of Professional, Crafts and Trade Associations of Evros Institute of Viticulture and Enology Kavala Development Agency – Local Authorities Enterprise Municipality of Kirkovo University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski” , Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Budget735.778,70 €

Albeit less known, the CB area of East Macedonia – Thrace and the Thracian Valley  is the Europe’s oldest wine region. Discoveries made in the area testify vine cultivation since 4000 BC, while historically the region is directly connected with the Dionysos Cult. Dionysos first appears in this area and then, later, moves to the south. Thus, local history is directly connected with viniculture.

Given that, DIONYSOS project aims at valorizing the specific aspect as a natural and cultural asset for developing oenotourism, so as to increasing area’s attractiveness while enhancing preservation of the local landscape and biodiversity.

As such the project enforces cultivation of the old local vine varieties, highlights the local productive identity and applies integrated approaches to promoting the area as an oenotourism destination. To doing so the project redesigns the current conventional vinicultural and wine producing model, based on foreign commercial varieties, while enhancing cultivation of the old authentic grapes as the area’s differentiating element and its comparative advantage.

The local terroir, the wider micro flora and fauna, the main factor providing the special characteristics of topology and origin on the organoleptic and the other significant parameters of wine, is emphasized. Scientific researches in both countries, under a common methodology, are carried out for the identification-phylogenetic analysis of local varieties, for the isolation and identification of yeasts.

A digital map for the area’s vineyard, a plan for wine roads, placement of identification signposts with QR Codes, pilot interventions to improving the aesthetic image of settlements, an internet platform for promoting the vineyard are implemented to raising area’s local identity. Synergies are obtained to develop the local tourism theme upon the authentic area’s product. Awareness raising actions contribute for local communities to become conscious of their local natural asset along with the area’s oenotourism value, while other actions support its placement on the market. DIONYSOS area stretches over region Eastern Macedonia– Thrace to the districts of Hascovo and Kardjali. Pilot actions are planned in the wider areas of Paggaion (Kavala), Soufli (Evros), Kirkovo and Hascovo.

Common vinicutural attributes in the CB area, common challenges on both sides of the border as well as need for exchanging experience and shaping a critical mass for entering the market motivate the 2 areas to close cooperation. To this end, bodies with complementary status and thematic specialization, as e.g. research institutes specialized in the wine sector, actors experienced in tourism development, actors representing local enterprises and Local Authorities as main actors in development planning are involved in this cooperation looking forward to the synthesis of their experience to actively develop their area’s attractiveness and enforce the role of the relevant enterprises.