The DIONISOS wine presented at the WINE FEST SOZOPOL 2019

During July 18-20, 2019 in the Amphitheater of Apollonia, the town of Sozopol will be held the second edition of the Wine Festival – WINE FEST SOZOPOL 2019 DIONYSIEN DAYS. Participants at the Sozopol Wine Festival are companies producing Bulgarian wines and spirits, as well as traders, importers and distributors. Producers and importers of meat and dairy products will also present their products.

This year Haskovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Development Agency of Kavala, Greece will participate in the festival in connection with the implementation of the project Promotion of the Region – placing it on the market for the project “Developing the Identity of Production, Soil and the Region” with an acronym: Dionysos (DIONYSOS), Financing Agreement № B2.6c.04 / 01.11.2017 under the Cross-Border Cooperation Program INTERREG VA Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020, Priority axis: 2 Sustainable and adaptable to the climate cross-border region, investment priority: 6c – conservation , promotion and development of the natural and cultural heritage. During the festival, the ICC will present the Dionisos stand with the project, and through it the project partners – four of Greek and four of the Bulgarians – strive to highlight the qualities of the local varieties. During the festival the partners will present the project, the wine production and the opportunities for wine tourism in the cross-border region Greece – Bulgaria, as well as the local wine variety Dionisos.

The aim of the partners is to realize the main objective of the project, namely to improve and preserve the traditional resources (local wine varieties) specific to the cross-border region of Bulgaria, to promote the production and cultural identity of the region (local varieties of vines in terms of wine-making tradition), to increase the attractiveness of the area by creating an integrated tourist destination both thematic and territorial (destination for wine tourism) and to improve the visibility of cultural and nature s resources of the area (through interventions in the aesthetic image – placing QRC boards, etc.).

The Sozopol Wine Festival supports Bulgarian wine producers and food producers, supports the promotion of wine gourmet tourism destinations that include emblematic historical, archaeological and natural sites. Wine expert and connoisseurs will have the opportunity to taste a sample of the local wines, with an emphasis on the bio-production of the wine beverage.


The project is funded by Cooperation Programme INTERREG V-A Greece – Bulgaria 2014-2020, Co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and National funds of Greece and Bulgaria